Bamban has some natural and man-made scenic spots which are potentially a “come-on” for local or foreign tourists to see.

The following are the tourist spots and their type:

Tourist Spots Type
F & C Hilltop Resort & Pavilion Swimming Pool/Function Hall
Wonderland Resort Swimming Pool/Function Hall
Countryside Pool & Garden Swimming Pool/Function Hall
Bamban Museum of History Historical
Japanese-built WW II cave Cave
Holy Land Pilgrimage, Inc. Religious
Bamban Mountains Natural
Sto. Nino Parish Church Religious
Lourdes Grotto Religious
Goshen Temple Retreat House
Ohnishi Shrine Historical Cave
Zoocobia Wildlife
Paradise Ranch Wildlife/Animal
Orchids Farm Natural
Haduan Falls Natural

From among this list one can select which to visit depending on his/her personal choice. If one chooses to commune with nature there is the Paradise Ranch, home to different kinds of butterflies; Zoocobia with wildlife. And if one wants to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday’s hectic life, the pollution-free air and the aura of Nature’s beauty, Haduan Falls with its pristine and cold water will soothe and relax a tired body, is a best choice. Orchids Farm is also one to behold and to relish the different kinds of orchids grown thereat. For historical mementos of World War II, one can visit the Bamban Museum of History where relics and pictures of the horrors of war are on display. It is also in the Bamban Museum where the gallantry and bravery of some sons of Bamban during World War II are shown in pictures. One can take a look back in history at the said museum.

The mountain ranges of Bamban extending up to the Botolan ranges offer a spectacular sight to behold for nature lovers. One can see the grandeur of these mountain ranges when they are clad in green. And even in summer when the mountain ranges are a parched brown one can still feel the soothing touch of the breeze that can only be experienced in the mountains. Atop these mountains one can have a panoramic view of the Dapdap resettlement center and the farm communities around.

In summer, one can take a dip in the numerous swimming pools in Bamban to beat the summer heat. Frequently visited among the swimming pools is the Wonderland Resort which is conveniently located along the old MacArthur highway in Anupul.

For a departure from the worldly to the spiritual the Lourdes Grotto located in Barangay Lourdes can become a place of soul-searching for people. It is at the Lourdes Grotto where, from Maundy Thursday up to Easter Sunday, people flock and converge to see the flagellants (“salibatbat” in Kapampangan) beat their backs bloody (for the atonement (?) of their sins as they believed); some bearing wooden cross (a backbreaking experience for the uninitiated) as a grim reminder of the pains Jesus Christ had to endure on the way to Golgotha for the Crucifixion to save humanity from its sinful ways. (For God so love the world…..John 3:16)

On Easter Sunday, as early as dawn hundreds if not thousands of people flock to the Grotto. Here people, mostly Catholics meditate, reflect and rejoice in the glory of the Risen Christ. From the foot of the mountain people ascend some 200 hundred or so plight of steps to reach the statue of the Virgin Mary intricately erected on the side of the mountain.

There is also some egg-hunting in the area where children belabored searching on many hiding places to find the coveted hidden eggs.



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