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Bamban LCAT-VAWC Accomplishment Report 2023

December 2023



The year 2023 marked significant strides for the Bamban Local Council Against
Trafficking in Persons and Violence Against Women and their Children (LCAT-VAWC).
Through a series of targeted programs and initiatives, the council aimed to address
various social issues plaguing the community, ranging from educational assistance to
combating violence against children and human trafficking. This report provides an
overview of the accomplishments and outcomes achieved throughout the year.

Social Services:

Bamban LCAT-VAWC prioritized providing social services to vulnerable members of the
community. This included offering support to individuals and families facing economic hardships, homelessness, and other social challenges. Through collaborative efforts with local organizations and government agencies, the council successfully provided essential resources and assistance to those in need, ensuring that basic human needs were met. Mortuary or Funeral Services for the Public:
Recognizing the importance of dignified burials and mourning processes, the council
facilitated access to mortuary and funeral services for the public. This initiative aimed to alleviate the financial burden on families during times of grief and loss, ensuring that everyone had equal access to respectful funeral arrangements regardless of their socio-economic status.

Educational Assistance:

Education remained a key focus area for Bamban LCAT-VAWC in 2023. The council
implemented various programs to provide educational assistance to underprivileged
children and youth, including scholarships, school supplies, and tutorial services. By investing in education, the council aimed to empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty and build brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

Assistance to LCAT VAWC Victims:

Supporting victims of violence against women and children (VAWC) was a central
component of the council’s mission. Throughout 2023, Bamban LCAT-VAWC provided
comprehensive assistance to victims, including shelter, legal support, counseling
services, and access to healthcare. By offering a holistic support system, the council sought to empower survivors to rebuild their lives and pursue justice.

Education Campaign Against Violence Against Children and TIP:

Combatting violence against children and human trafficking remained a top priority for Bamban LCAT-VAWC. The council conducted extensive education campaigns to raise
awareness about these issues within the community. Through workshops, seminars, and
outreach programs, the council educated individuals about the signs of abuse and
exploitation, as well as the importance of reporting such incidents to the authorities.
Training and Educating the Community about VAW and TIP:
In addition to awareness campaigns, Bamban LCAT-VAWC focused on training and
educating community members about violence against women and children (VAWC)
and human trafficking in persons (TIP). The council organized training sessions for
various stakeholders, including law enforcement officials, social workers, educators, and community leaders. These sessions provided participants with the knowledge and skills needed to identify, prevent, and respond to instances of VAWC and TIP effectively.


In conclusion, the accomplishments of Bamban LCAT-VAWC in 2023 reflect a concerted
effort to address the complex challenges of violence against women and children and
human trafficking. Through a combination of social services, educational assistance,
victim support, awareness campaigns, and training initiatives, the council made
significant strides in promoting the well-being and safety of the community. Moving
forward, Bamban LCAT-VAWC remains committed to its mission of creating a safer, more
inclusive society for all

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